Twitter Admits People Don’t Know How to Use Twitter

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Twitter has released two new ads designed to persuade people to join Twitter. However, the social networking site, or rather its ad agency, has taken a rather novel approach to achieving this end. The ads admit Twitter can be hard to understand, before shattering that misapprehension.

It feels like Twitter is more important than it actually is. It’s always getting cited on the news, especially when President Trump tweets, and every brand has a hashtag it wants you to use. However, in actual fact, Twitter “only” has 330 million users, and growth has virtually stalled.

Romesh Ranganathan Is a Twitter Guru

Twitter’s solution to this problem is a new set of ads starring British comedian Romesh Ranganathan. Both ads pitch Romesh as a Twitter guru sent to help people struggling to wrap their heads around the way Twitter works. And with his help everything comes good in the end.

The first ad focuses on an absolute beginner who has yet to even set his Twitter account up. Romesh arrives with his bullhorn, leads the new Twitter user through the very basic steps to getting started, and everyone welcomes the Notorious Kenny G to the Twitter family.

The second ad tackles the problem of exploring Twitter. You have an account, you’ve followed some people, and then what? Romesh turns up, this time on a hoverboard, and gives the guy some advice. Lo and behold, the things he likes start showing up, and all is right with the world.

Using Twitter Is Easier Than It Looks

This is a bold strategy from Twitter, but one that might actually work. People who use Twitter know it’s the simplest thing in the world, but everyone else seems to think it’s really complicated. It actually isn’t complicated, as our guide showing you how to use Twitter makes clear.

Admitting that this misapprehension exists, and then shattering the illusion, should at least make people give Twitter a try. Until the trolls, bots, and unwanted attention puts them off again. Still, at least we all get 280 characters and threaded tweets to play with in the meantime.

Are you already on Twitter? If so, did you find it hard to get started? Or do you think Twitter is easy to understand? Do you think these self-deprecating ads will help Twitter grow? Or should Twitter focus on something else instead? Please let us know in the comments below!

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