6 Great, Less-Known iPhone Features

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Here Are 6 Great Yet Less-Known iPhone Features

The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices in the world. There are millions of iPhone users around the globe. From the moment the first iPhone appeared on the market, many people have realized that this is the best smartphone out there. Of course, there are still many debates whether iPhone is better than Android-based mobile devices, but the fact is that iPhone is an amazing device. One of the reasons why people love iPhones is the long list of features that this device has. In fact, this list is so long that many passionate iPhone users are unaware of some of these features. We will use this article to highlight some of these less-known features.

1# One-click unsubscribing from mailing lists

There is no doubt that you will get a chance to organize your mailbox in a better way once you start using this feature. In order to unsubscribe from any annoying or unwanted mailing list, simply click on the email. You should notice the Unsubscribe option which is situated at the top left corner of the email. Tap the text and you won’t receive emails from that sender again.

2# Taking photos while recording videos

There are situations when people are using their iPhones to record interesting sights around them, but they also want to take still images too. There is no reason to stop shooting your video if you want to take a photo too. All you have to do is to tap the camera button found on the screen and the shutter button. Keep in mind that you can expect a photo with a lower quality than usual, but even this quality is amazing. The iPhone camera is one of the most attractive parts of this world-renowned smartphone.

3# Using the magnifying glass feature

Let’s be clear, some of us don’t see well. In other words, their eyesight is not the best. If you have troubles seeing smaller objects on your iPhone, you can use a special tool found in this phone instead of using your glasses. The latest iOS has a magnifying feature that will probably help you. This feature is found under the Accessibility Tab. Go there and turn the magnifier on. When you use the Home button you will notice this new, useful feature. Remember that you can use this feature to take zoomed-in photos.

4# Set a time limit on iPhone usage

Now here’s a feature that can help parents. While it is true that children can use iPhones without any problems, the fact is that excessive use can lead to certain health issues. Even if there are no health issues at all, spending hours on iPhone won’t bring anything good to your kids. By using the guided access option, you will get a chance to limit the time of iPhone usage. You can set an exact amount of time when your children can use the iPhone.

5# Auto-correct text replacement customization

According to many experts, the QuickType keyboard provided by Apple is one of the best at predicting the words that users are trying to type. In most situations, this system will speed up this process, but there are situations when the autocorrect feature makes the text worse. This is quite natural because the autocorrect replacement system takes the needs of average people into account. The good news is that every iPhone user can customize these auto-correct suggestions. Go to the General Settings tab and choose the Keyboard/Text replacement option. This is where you can make these modifications.

6# One-click elimination of open browser tabs

If you are like most iPhone users, then Safari is probably your favorite browser. This browser is fast and reliable, but opening too many tabs can cause some issues. Modern people like multitasking and that’s why they have multiple tabs opened in their Safari browser. Closing these tabs one by one can be a boring task, but you can now close all of them with just one click. When using Safari, click on the boxes located in the right corner and keep the Done box for a second to close all the tabs.

We hope that these features will make you respect your iPhone even more!

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