How to Get a Colored Navigation Bar on Android Without Root

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Customizing your phone exactly as you want it is one of the best perks of owning an Android phone. Whether you’re changing your home launcher, tweaking your quick settings, or just changing your wallpaper and sounds, it’s easy to make your phone yours.

One feature you’ve probably never thought to customize is the navigation bar. It’s the black bar at the bottom of the screen that holds the Home, Back, and Recents buttons. While you need root to change the color of the status bar, you can change the navigation bar’s color without rooting your device. Here’s how.

How to Color the Navigation Bar on Android

This trick relies on a free app called Navbar Apps. Download it from Google Play, then open it once installed. Once you do, you’ll see the app’s home screen. Your navigation bar should change to orange right away to match the color of the app.

This is the default behavior of the app—it changes the navigation bar color based on the color of the app you’re using. Tap the Gear icon next to Active App on the home screen and you can disable coloring for certain apps, or override the default color if you’d prefer another.

If you’d rather keep it at one color, choose Static Color on the home screen. Tap the Gear to select your color.

This is all you need to get a colored status bar. If you like, the app includes a few extra features below the colors, too.

Battery percentage changes your navigation bar to your current battery level. Image lets you add a preset or custom image as a background. And Emojis lets you put emojis in your navigation bar if you want that for some reason.

Finally, you may see the app display a prompt to enable accessibility services at the bottom of the home screen. Enabling this will help it pick up the best color to match your current app.

If you love customization, check out other great ways to tweak your Android without root.

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