A Bug In Windows 10 Pro Is Forcing Users Downgrade To Windows 10 Home

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A bug-free Windows 10 October Update still seems to be far away, and Windows users have already come up with another issue.

According to a trending Reddit thread, many Microsoft Windows users are complaining that their Windows Pro version is demoted to Windows Home version without any notification or prior warning.

Many are facing a Windows Activation troubleshoot dialog box that says the device is running on a Windows 10 Home key while in fact, the device has Windows 10 Pro installed in it. The system is asking the users to install a Windows 10 Home version to close the troubleshooting.

WIndows Activation issue

In reply to a Windows 10 user affected by the activation bug, Microsoft responded –

If you are facing the issue, you can resolve it using the Activation troubleshooter, located in the Windows settings, under the Update and Security. To deal with specific activation error, head over to this Microsoft website.

This is not the first issue with Microsoft October Update version 1809. Previously, Windows 10 users have been hit by severe bugs like file deletion, sound issues, font issue and much more.

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