Wi-Fi EasyMesh Lets You Connect Mesh Routers From Different Brands

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For homes that are much bigger than a room, mesh networking is a great way to spread internet waves in every possible corner by placing multiple access points (AP). There are popular mesh networking devices like Google WiFi.

A major problem associated with these mesh networking routers is that they are not compatible with other brands. But the issue has a solution: WiFi Alliance has announced a new certification program called EasyMesh.

EasyMesh allows mesh routers from different companies to communicate with each other and offers seamless wireless connectivity. The standard is based on the WiFi Alliance Multi-AP Technical Specification and requires mesh routers to support WiFi 802.11n at a minimum.

It can automatically monitor network conditions and help smartphones, tablets, and other devices connect to the optimal access point. The standard makes sure it’s easier to setup and add new devices as per the requirement.

It also complements another certification program called WiFi Home Design which helps identify the best locations for each AP in a home.

Compatible mesh devices carry an EasyMesh logo. It’s totally up to the manufacturers whether they want to confine their users into a closed garden or not. However, given the advantages of EasyMesh, many companies might adopt the standard contribute to lowering the prices of mesh networks.

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