TRON Foundation announces ambitious $20 million TRX buyback

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The TRON Foundation announced
a $20 million TRX buyback, one of the biggest in the industry to date.

A $20 million repurchase plan

As part of TRON’s
first “independence day” anniversary celebration—the day when the Foundation completed the TRX token swap
from the Ethereum
blockchain to its own—CEO Justin Sun
held a live stream
where he revealed one of the most ambitious token buybacks in the industry.

Justin Sun TRX buyback announcement

Over the next year, the TRON Foundation plans to spend $20 million repurchasing TRX in different batches in the secondary market at market prices. Even though the Foundation’s token holdings will be unlocked on Jan. 1, 2020, the non-profit organization has “no specific plans” on what to do with them and claim they will actually “continue to add more TRX to its holding.”

As part of last year’s migration to its own protol, 1 billion tokens worth $50 million, at the time, were burned
to honor the event. Now, the TRON Foundation controls
of 32.79 percent of the total supply of 99.4 billion TRX—worth over $1.2 billion at current prices.

The token buyback and the Foundation’s statements on adding TRX to its reserves are likely to address concerns around its control over the token supply. Considering the size of the Foundation’s reserves, there is a risk of falling token prices should the organization choose to convert its holdings into fiat.

Nonetheless, TRON advertises that it has made substantial progress
, as evidenced by its bimonthly mainnet upgrades. So far TRON has added more than 500 dApps over the last year
, mainly around gaming, to its platform with an average daily transaction volume of $15 million.

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