BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month

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After a Successful Month, BCH Development Fund Doubles Funding Goal

In May, a group of Bitcoin Cash (BCH
) supporting businesses and individuals launched a fundraiser to support BCH
development. Since then the fundraiser has received massive support and so the organizers have decided to double the goal to 1600 BCH
by August 1, 2019. Moreover, other projects have been added to the Bitcoin.com/fundraise
page in order to include development projects like Bitcoin Verde and Flowee the Hub.

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Support a Fairer Financial System by Donating to Bitcoin Cash Development

Development is important in order to maintain a strong cryptocurrency network and make sure it scales to meet the needs of everyone living on earth. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH
) network aims to be the electronic peer-to-peer cash system as described in the whitepaper
written by Satoshi Nakamoto more than 10 years ago. To ensure long-lasting and effective development, a group of crypto-based business and individuals started a fundraiser for open source developers working with the BCH
chain. Originally the fundraiser had planned to raise 800 BCH for developers
by August 1, but six days ago
the fundraiser neared its goal. So the organization FVNI Development Society in collaboration with Bitcoin.com, Bitcoincash.org, Electron Cash, Bitcoincash.com, and various other businesses decided to double the goal.

BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month
If you don’t know which project you would like to specifically donate to, you can simply donate to the BCH
General Fund and your donation will go toward Bitcoin Cash development.

Right now there are six different projects BCH
fans can donate funds to: Bitcoin ABC, Bchd, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bcash, Bitcoin Verde, and Flowee the Hub. All the projects have different team members and unique types of BCH
clients. Satoshi’s original implementation, for instance, was written in C , but the protocol itself is compatible with any language as long as the software follows consensus rules.

Bitcoin Cash Protocol Implementations

Bitcoin ABC

Bitcoin ABC
is a full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol written in C and the ABC stands for Adjustable Blocksize Cap. The Bitcoin ABC client is the most dominant BCH
implementation. At the moment, 54% of the current 1,549 public nodes running on the Bitcoin Cash network use ABC. The client is open source
and the repository’s binaries
include versions for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Bitcoin ABC’s development goal is for BCH
to become “sound money that is usable by everyone in the world.” The Bitcoin ABC development team has also published a roadmap
giving BCH
proponents an idea of where the ABC software is headed and how things like scaling will be improved.

BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month


is an alternative full node bitcoin cash implementation written in Go (golang) and the project was launched
in November 2018. The open source client
has an advanced API, adjustable blocksize cap, BIP 157/158, BIP 68, and other features. BCHD developers say that the client provides “a high powered and reliable blockchain server which makes it a suitable backend to serve blockchain data to lite clients and block explorers or to power your local wallet.” BCHD does not include wallet functionality as the Bchwallet
is a separate application that communicates with BCHD nodes.

BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month

Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Unlimited
(BU) is a fork of the Bitcoin Core reference client written in C . The BCH
implementation also features an adjustable blocksize cap, together with other concepts like emergent consensus and Xthin blocks. BU is the second most popular BCH
client today with 690 BU nodes out of the current 1,549 public nodes. The open source
project’s website says that “BU aims to provide a voice to all stakeholders in the Bitcoin ecosystem.” BU’s binaries
currently include clients for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and ARM.

BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month


is a client that was originally produced by the Purse.io
team but is now maintained by a developer named Jonathan Gonzalez
. The open source
project is a full node implementation written in Node.js. Essentially Node.js is a cross-platform Javascript run-time environment that executes Javascript code. The Bcash client features a general purpose BCH
library, a wallet backend with BIP44, a mining backend, and the ability to perform Simplified Payment Verification (SPV). Gonzalez managed to add the upgrade features to Bcash which include Schnorr signatures
, and the Segwit recovery exemption. The Bcash full node has a unique API which can come in handy building apps with browsers that use Node.js.

BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month

Bitcoin Verde

Bitcoin Verde
is a complete full node, block explorer
and library. According to the creator, “Bitcoin Verde is a ground-up implementation of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH
) protocol.” Bitcoin Verde was launched on the 10-year anniversary
of the Bitcoin network. Verde’s developer said he had help from members of the XT development team. The open source
project is still a beta release and has been tested on Linux and Mac OS. However, the developer says Windows users may find issues. “As v1.1.0, the Bitcoin Verde node validates the entirety of the BCH
blockchain, relays new blocks and transactions, and can process upwards of 4,000 transactions per second,” Verde’s Github repository notes.

BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month

Flowee the Hub

Flowee the Hub
is an alternative implementation of the BCH
network that includes features like libsecp256k1, adjustable blocksize cap, and Xthin blocks. The Flowee website details the project was created to empower developers. “Flowee adds innovation, greatly increased speed and reliability as well as the ability for scaling to much larger blocks than the competition,” Flowee’s documentation explains. Flowee’s codebase is open source
and hosted on Gitlab. The project’s developer considers Flowee to be a family of products with the goal to move the world towards a BCH
economy. Flowee also uses Gitlab’s Continues Integration (CI) system and can deploy executables and dockers.

BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month

Support the Vision of Peer-to-Peer Cash for Everyone

All of these Bitcoin Cash projects and the developers behind them work effortlessly every day to make these clients run smoothly and remain reliable. When people help fund BCH
development projects it aids economic prosperity by making sure the protocol advances the goal of achieving global adoption. So far there’s been a lot of donations coming in and there’s a little more than one month left until the goal’s deadline. So if you want to support the vision of peer-to-peer cash for all then consider visiting the Bitcoin.com/fundraise
page or some of the other BCH-related websites (Bitcoincash.org
, Electroncash.org
, Bitcoinabc.org
) to donate.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash Development Fund? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Image credits: Shutterstock, Bitcoin ABC, Unlimited, BCHD, Bcash, Verde, Flowee, and Pixabay.

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